Uninsured face challenges as health benefits disappear

The inspiration for this story came from an AP story that reported the number of uninsured decreased for the first time in eight years. When I called up Kevin Lucia at the Georgetown Health Policy institute to interview him for the story, he insisted the real issue and story here was that the number of people enrolled in Medicaid was increasing at the same time as the number of people covered on private health insurance was declining.
From there, I talked to sources at the Nebraska Department of Insurance, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and the People’s Health Center in Lincoln.

I also did a fair amount of computer-assisted reporting. I used information at the Kaiser Family Foundation, which has a wealth of data about health, and the findings from the Census Bureau. This story was about 40″ long.

I knew a fair amount about the way insurance works, but I learned a lot about the problems facing the uninsured and why health care is rising. Unfortunately, no one I talked to had solutions about universal health care or even affordable health care. I guess that’s another story.

Read it here:Uninsured face challenges as health benefits disappear


~ by khaslett on September 22, 2008.

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