Alpaca ranching catches on

note: I am not crazy about this headline and would like to disassociate myself from it. I did not think it up.

One of my roommates and good friends is a textiles and clothing design major. She has a very unique persepective on design (she dorks out about fibers the way Kate and I will dork out about news photography and typeface) and mostly rolls her eyes when I talk about the DN.
Not this time, however. She pointed out an ad her mom gave her about Alpaca Farm Visit Day for a farm here in Lincoln.

Alpacas are different, to say the least. And because I figured I didn’t know they were in Lincoln, I figured other people wouldn’t either.

I started by calling the farm advertised (I try to support people who place newspaper advertisements as much as possible) and explained that I wanted to do a feature about the farm. I arranged for a photographer and myself to spend an hour at the farm, and also invited my textiles roommate around.

Traveling there was a small roadtrip, but it was a great interview. I was lucky because both my roommate and the photographer are knitters who were absolutely delighted to be surrounded by alpacas. They instantly established connections with the two ranchers and were able to find out a little bit more about the fiber. This helped me by keeping the information and inteviews I conducting at a moderate pace, helped me think of questions and helped keep everyone both occupied and relaxed, I felt.

This story reminded me why I love on-sight reporting, especially for cool feature stories. I get to see and experience and discribe, which means I’m involved and invested in imparting my experience with readers.

Plus, you know: alpacas.

Read it here: Alpaca ranching catches on


~ by khaslett on September 30, 2008.

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  1. I love that one of your tags is knitting.

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