Economic crisis makes getting student loans harder

I had heard somewhere that the credit crunch meant it was harder to get loans approved. I know I have student loans, both federal and private, and so do a lot of people I go to school with. Definitely sounded like a national angle with a local spin.
I talked to UNL Scholarship and Financial Aid and got some good information about federal loan, but that wasn’t the focus of my story so it was kind of a weak interview in that regard. I then looked at sources I had borrowed from, namely Wells Fargo and Sallie Mae. Both of those have automated systems and I just got completely lost in the system.

I desperately googled “student loan consulting.” The first result was OneSimpleLoan and you could call in and apply for a loan, so that’s what I did. When I got a representative on the line, I explained to him my situation and was able to speak to the company president and CEO which was a great source. He talked frankly about the company’s ties to Lehman Brothers and the potential effects of a tightening student loan market. The strength of his quotes and relevance to the story made it easy to make OneSimpleLoan the focus.

so on the day the Dow took a 700+ point dive, my story was published. Perfect timing.

Read it here: Economic crisis makes getting student loans harder

As a potential follow-up, I would love to speak to a student who was denied a loan because of the credit crunch or had their promised loan money defaulted on because it came from Lehman Brothers.


~ by khaslett on September 30, 2008.

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