Initiated Measure 11 project – Sioux Falls, SD

My friend Elaine told me that she going to travel to South Dakota with a group of UNL students to voice their opposition to Initiated Measure 11, a purposal to ban all non-medical abortions in South Dakota. I saw a story idea in this because I believe it is important to know what is happening to Nebraska’s neighbors, there was a UNL connection and abortion is a controversial issue.

I received permission to have my travel compensated by the Daily Nebraskan and began making contracts with the main abortion rights and anti-abortion advocates.

The trip to South Dakota was the first I’ve ever taken with the Daily Nebraskan. It was a 2 day trip and I spent Saturday driving and then shadowing a canvasser. I interviewed students and compiled notes. Sunday, I covered a visibility event before coming home.

The main challenge in this series was I realized the story would have a natural bias giving one side – the abortion rights side – more coverage because that was where the students were. We tried to cover an anti-abortion rights event but were unable to make the Sunday Life Chain. I wrote two stories explaining the bill from the different sides and tried to leave the debate when I focused on the students’ experiences.

South Dakota to vote again on abortion
UNL students fight South Dakota abortion ban
South Dakota measure aims to eliminate abortion
Vague wording makes SD initiative unworkable, critics say
Law student canvasses, educates on abortion bill
Demonstrators rally against SD abortion measure


~ by khaslett on October 9, 2008.

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