A resurrection!

I recently sign up with twitter and decided it was time to resurrect the long-forgotten story blog.  Only, since I’m not writing stories this summer, I can take this time to expand into trend discussion, perhaps some story ideas and media observation. It’s now a media blog. What a novel idea. =D

Since I last updated, I wrote a bunch more stories. Some that got some outside-UNL Web play are: Ayers On Short List Of Canceled Speakers At U. Nebraska; Desire Bigger Factor Than Money in Travel Abroad Destinations; and ISU Officials Take Weeklong Furloughs to Fill Budget Gaps.

I was No. 2 on a couple of internships, but was hired as summer media intern by the Nebraska Wheat Board, a state agency funded by producer checkoff fees. It’s been a neat experience so far: I’ve learned a lot more about agriculture, wheat, state government, rural communities, the state of Nebraska and design. I’ve gotten to dress up as a mascot, make play dough and bread and traveled to Scottsbluff, Neb., a seven-hour drive to the other end of the state. I am responsible for the weekly crop report in addition to other special projects I do for the board.

Fall semester, I will be working at the Omaha World Herald Lincoln bureau as a fellow. I am so excited to be writing for my beloved hometown paper. I’m accumulating story ideas and trying to feel my way outside the university campus and downtown area to open my horizons.

In order to be more media and beat-saavy and keep up with the business news of the day AND fill my day with one more thing to update, I’m reopening up this beast of a blog. Be excited.


~ by khaslett on July 10, 2009.

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